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Tissue Culture


HARC has established a plant tissue culture laboratory at HARC Naugaon in district Uttarkashi with help of DST New Delhi and UCOST Uttarakhand. The project entitled "Agribusiness Promotion through Technology Demonstration in Rawain region of district Uttarkashi". The main objective of the establishment of the laboratory at Naugaon center is to provide the quality planting material to the farmers of Uttarakhand which includes various horticultural crops. Special focus is given on flower crops like Carnation and Lilium. Under this project, Liliumbulblets and Carnation plants have been trialed in the field conditions, whereas dwarfing Apple rootstocks (M6, M9, MM 111, and MM 106) are under multiplication phase in in-vitro condition.

On demand of farmers associations and federations, HARC is also planning to propagate potato micro tubers so as to meet the quality seed material demand.