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Our Training Centres
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Our Facilities

  • There are three Training Centres, one at its field office at Naugaon, Distt. Uttarkashi,  one at its head office at Dehra Dun and the other is in field office Kaleshwar, Distt. Chamoli. Naugaon, Dehradun and Kaleshwar Training Centres are well equipped with all training facilities like conference hall, LCD, Audio-Video devices, OHP, Television with a capacity of 40 people at a time. Naugaon Centre also has the facility of boarding/lodging.

  • We have an expertise in developing Common Facility Center (CFC) for value addition, quality control and marketing of the produce, as it has well-equipped centers in Naugaon, Distt. Uttarkashi  & in Kaleshwar, Distt. Chamoli of Uttaranchal state, from where many groups/ associations are taking benefits at their own place and running their small enterprises.

  • HARC has a well-equipped resource center for collection and dissemination of various types of information related to development. This centre is getting more than 60 magazines, on regular basis, on various subjects related to agriculture, horticulture, entrepreneurship development, local self governance, agri business, marketing etc. Apart from this HARC have 86 publications in the form of booklets, folders, posters & pamphlets, 230 audio & video films collection on various subjects for awareness generation. 

  • We are equipped with latest information technology which is helping rural people in internet marketing and dissemination of information to framers and their federations on day to day rates of agriculture products in local and national level mandies and whole sale markets. HARC also has a strong database on information related to logistics.

  • A tissue culture lab is established in Naugaon Centre of HARC with the support of Department of Science and Technology and Uttarakhand Council of Science and Technology. The main objective is to improve the quality of fruit and vegetable products, better market opportunity, to make farmers accustomed to advance technology, to reduce pre and post harvest losses and mass propagation of selected best varieties. At present research and development is being done on root stocks of apple, kiwi fruit and carnation flower.

Training centre (Approx. residential capacity = 30 heads) is fully equipped with: computers, OHP, LCD for audio-visual presentations, well stocked library/resource centre for reference; entertainment facilities like games (badminton, chess) & Sports and recreational facilities (VCR, VCD etc.)


In addition, the Rural Business Development Centre, Naugaon and Community Facility Centre, Kaleshwar also have good infrastructure for extension activities, including latest agricultural equipments and food processing cum training centre.



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