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Institution Building & Strenghtening










It is the firm belief of HARC that forming and strengthening the community-based institutions can be the best mechanism to sustain the development process. The peoples’ institutions are strong base for the socio-economic development and empowerment of the local people. HARC has been involved in promoting the formation and strengthening of a variety of community-based organizations for collective action and development of a sustainable self-help promotion system. HARC’s main objective in promoting the community-based institutions is to make them instrumental in providing food security, economic security, social security and ensuring sustained livelihood opportunities to the rural poor.  HARC applies a multi-dimensional approach to strengthen these people’s institutions in such a way that the local people are able to get access to and control over the natural, financial and developmental resources through these institutions.

Adhering to this objective, HARC has been instrumental in the formation of various community-based organizations such as the Women Self-help Groups (SHGs), Farmers Interest Groups (FIGs), Farmers Association and Women Cooperatives.

To strengthen and empower these institutions, HARC organizes training camps, workshops, educational exposure tours and Interface with technical institutions periodically in the areas of internal management of the institutions, leadership building, facilitating access to bank linkages and social security schemes, inter-loaning, increasing production and quality control and legal aspects. Training is also given in the areas of Entrepreneurship development, Marketing skills and Rural market linkages.

HARC is also active in providing Institution building services to other agencies namely government, partner NGOs and private agencies in other districts of Uttarakhandl involved in group and federation formation and strengthening processes.


  • Strengthening internal management of Institutions
  • Social Security
  • Financial Linkages