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HARC as a Trainer

Training is an integral part of HARC activities. HARC has a strong and efficient team of trainers who are engaged in imparting various capability building trainings to the development actors at all levels – Local communities, Govt. officials, Voluntary organizations and Public Representatives. Through the capacity building trainings, HARC helps build knowledge, increase awareness levels and develop the skills of development actors to enable & empower them to understand, plan and work according to the needs and priorities of the local people. By building the confidence, knowledge and increasing the leadership ability, these trainings prepare the development actors to face challenges emerging from rapid changes that are taking place in the social, economic and cultural spheres at local, national and international level.

Major Target Groups

  • Community based Organisations, their Federations and Cooperatives
  • Entrepreneurs and Micro-Enterprises
  • Voluntary Organisations
  • Policy Makers
  • Governance Institutions (PRIs)
  • Government Departments

Major trainings being provided by HARC:

  • Group / Federation / Cooperative formation, facilitation and management
  • Village Ecosystem Planning Training 
  • Micro Planning Training 
  • Leadership Development Training  
  • Training of the Trainer (T.O.T.)  
  • Training on Reforming Local Self Governance Institutions 
  • Training on Entrepreneurship and Rural Marketing Linkages Development  
  • Effective Communication and Facilitation Training
  • Extension Worker Development  Training

Our training centres...